With over 30+ highly-regarded therapists on staff and dedicated nurse practitioners, your specific needs will be met. Whether you’re seeking individual, couples, family, or group therapy, we have the right therapist for you.


Better . . .


Established. Compassionate. Genuine. Since 2002, Elliott Counseling Group has been impacting the lives in our community by providing quality mental health and wellness care. We address the entire range of emotional and mental health issues, whether it be anxiety and depression, substance abuse and eating disorders, marital/family issues and trauma, and more. From pre-school-aged children, to adolescents and teenagers, to adulthood and beyond, we utilize a variety of approaches and skills (such as Play Therapy or Animal Assisted Therapy) to create a unique experience for each client. We work to match you and your needs to your best-fit therapist, so that you are set up for success. Our team brings diversity in personal characteristics and culture, in style and orientation, and in experiences and areas of specialization. 

A Word

From Our Founder

“When I started my counseling practice in 2002, it was with help from friends and little in the way of planning… just trust in intuition, effort, and willingness to learn. I never imagined what this modest idea would become, a genuine community asset. I’m grateful for our clients, employees, and so many others… especially my wife and partner, Sandra, for building the structure to house and sustain the good work we do.

– Kevin

Kevin Elliott


A Word

From Our CEO

Buried beneath depression, addiction or relationship issues I, like others, sought therapy to be seen and heard as a uniquely valued individual. To be able to provide this light to our clients; to be able to show our employees that they matter; to be able to bring health to the community is why I show up and do what I do as the CEO of Elliott Counseling Group. The good ripples out — and that matters. Thank you all for giving us the chance to make a difference in the world.

– Sandra

Sandra Ahten


It’s okay to not be okay. We are here for you. We are Better . . . Together.

Even on the hardest days that you may face, there are better days coming. Sometimes, it takes exploring our emotions and confiding in others to see the light inside ourselves… and that is perfectly okay.

We have a trained staff of therapists and coaches who can work with you to help process your feelings, transform those feelings into words, and provide tools to turn thoughts into action. We want to help you recognize the empowerment that lies within yourself, so that you are able to make the changes you desire most in life.