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Executive Administrative Assistant 
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Elliott Counseling Group is seeking licensed therapist in Champaign for part-time and full-time work.

Are you satisfied with your full-time job, but interested in expanding your clinical skills in a professional private practice with flexible schedule and autonomy?

Perhaps you need supervision to earn your LCSW or LCPC?

Do you want to earn extra money AND decrease your stress level?

Would you like to spend the majority of your time providing individual therapy instead of doing documentation and case management?

If your answer is "yes" to any or all of these then a therapist position at Elliott Counseling Group would be of interest to you.

Elliott Counseling Group offers:

  • Highly competitive wages
  • Flexible hours
  • Group health insurance
  • Supplemental benefits: dental, vision, short-term disability
  • Full administrative staff/ support
  • Clients
  • Simple IRA options after 2 years
  • Paid time off/ unpaid time off
  • Seven paid holiday's
  • Opportunities for professional development & supervision
  • Unique Training opportunities (with CEUs)


  • All of our clinicians are employees, not contractors.
  • You can work as few as 4 hours per week.
  • You are considered a full time employee with benefits at 30 clinical hours per week. Eligibility requirements for supplemental benefits might differ.

Elliott Counseling Group is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment. We are always interested in including more quality providers, expanding our services and areas of expertise, and creating more diversity on our team.


What therapists say about working at Elliott Counseling Group

"As the new school year starts and I prepare for managing both careers, I remember how fortunate I am to work two great jobs. Many teachers have to work multiple jobs to make meets end...I 'get' to have two careers. Besides working at TCHS as a special needs teacher, I have also worked evenings at Elliott Counseling Group as a LPC for the last six years. Because ECG allows me to have flexibility making my own schedule, and they have the office staff to hand the day to day operations of the private practice, I am able to put hours in doing what I love...working with client!"

      Angie Patton, LPC, LBS1
Staci Poe, LPC

"My favorite aspects of working at ECG are flexibility in my schedule and the support from the admin staff. I am able to work in a private practice setting while having an admin team that handles the administrative tasks so that I can focus my attention on my clients. My working environment is comfortable and inviting, which helps the clients to feel comfortable. I have been able to grow as a therapist and find my niche since beginning to work at ECG, learning that I have a passion for working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as individuals who identify as gender and sexual minorities while still focusing on trauma issues. The work place benefits help with managing my own self care as a therapist."

"I have been a school social worker for fifteen years and a therapist at Elliott Counseling Group for the last four. Being an employee at Elliott Counseling Group allows me the flexibility to schedule appointments around my "day job". Simultaneously, I have felt valued by administrators, clerical staff and co-workers. I feel the Elliott Counseling Group provides the perfect combination of an autonomous and supportive work environment."

Karen Shepard, LCSW
Marilee Johnson, LPC

"I enjoy helping people so much and am glad I have the opportunity to do this through a well working enterprise like Elliott Counseling Group, but I also like that I can be flexible and choose my own hours. It is huge for me. Everyone works together to get things done, and my supervisor is increditble. I love that we have a beautiful building with lots of light and that everyone is pleasant and helpful even when things are stressful. I have been able to get the clients I need to fill my schedule right away and I have been referred to clients that fit my specialties as well."

"In addition to my job as a school counselor, I am a therapist at ECG. For the last 6 months I have been seeing clients two evening a week. I love my part-time job at ECG; the extra money is great, the flexibility is amazing, and the support/supervision is PRICELESS. I have a mixed caseload of children and adults. After working in the school setting all day, it is a breath of fresh air to work with individuals who are ready and want change. "

Lindsay Ennis, LPC
Shayla Parker, LCPC

"Working at ECG allows me to do what I love, helping others, while allowing me the flexibility to be there for my family as well. The administrative team is great because they handle all of the things that are very time consuming and that don't involve direct therapeutic contact with the client such as scheduling, insurance, credentialing, checking benefits and billing just to name a few. ECG has been great about pairing me up with clients that I feel most experienced at helping which is great for everyone, the client and the therapist."

"More than a year before getting my LCSW, I began calling Elliott Counseling Group to get information about becoming a therapist with the agency. I was already working full-time at Rosecrance (formerly Community Elements), but knew that I wanted the opportunity to grow as a social worker. I was hesitant about "the fit" as a therapist and with this agency. However, nearly two years after being hired as a part-time therapist at Elliott Counseling Group, I have found a passion for therapy I never knew I'd have. This job has afforded me the opportunity to grow clinically, remain flexible with my time and schedule, and meet amazing people (both clients and staff). I have been given a gift to watch people grow and change and to experience the amazing relationship between a client and therapist. This has been an experience that will have forever impacted me in the most positive manner and I hope that anyone looking to grow, and help others do the same, will consider joining the ECG team!"

   Monica Cherry, LCSW

Kevin Shepherd, LCSW

"I have always wanted to work in a private practice setting but had concerns about going out on my own and managing all of the tasks outside of seeing clients that would come with owning a practice. Working at Elliott Counseling Group has provided me the freedom to focus on doing therapy with clients thanks to the support staff that manage the other aspects of managing a business.  I am also able to be more selective about my client base and work with clients that I feel I can support and provide the best service to than I was able to in a traditional agency setting."