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We’re Better Together.

Kevin Elliott - Elliott Counseling Group - Mental Health Clinic Illinois
Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott, LCPC founded the company in 2002. His vision allowed the company to thrive, growing from one counselor to where we are today. The model is a unique hybrid between a private practice and a clinic with each counselor managing their own schedule and attending to their own clients while being fully supported by full staff who manage behind the scene details. Kevin now attends to the financial management of the company and provides clinical oversite. He spends the rest of his days bike riding (he managed a cross country trip in 2014!); creating music (Kevin Elliott Music); producing a folk music show that has national acclaim (heard on WEFT); and loving his role as a grandpa and family man.

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His


Sandra Ahten

Sandra Ahten, is a serial entrepreneur, who in 2012 stepped in to the business her husband founded. Today she is the CEO. In addition she is an accomplished artist and an agent for social justice in the community primarily through involvement in independent media. She was a founding member of the Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center, Public i newspaper, and Books to Prisoners. For seven years she had a diet and life coaching business with a top rated iTunes podcast. She enjoys bike riding, creative cooking, growing her own greens and rooting for the underdog.


Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


We Are Here To Help.

“Acceptance rests on letting go of the illusion of control and a willingness to notice and accept things as they are right now, without judging.”

~Marsha Linehan, Founder of DBT

Lainey Emmons-Topping, LPC

Lainey is the heart of the operations of Elliott Counseling Group. She ensures that each department is integrated and in communication with one another. When it comes to everything behind the scenes, she makes sure that everything is running efficiently and effectively. It is essential to her that our staff and clients are happy. She is also passionate about fueling the culture of our mental health agency and mentoring and supporting the leadership team.

Interesting Fact #1: Lainey is a dedicated crafter and sells custom crafts through her small business.

Interesting Fact #2: She is an animal rescue advocate and is always adding a little chaos to the mix of her already busy home that includes a husband, two little boys, and (currently) three dogs and a cat.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Tyler Koontz, Lsw

As Office manager, Tyler oversees Reception, Billing, and Client Care departments, and also acts as the liaison between our I.T. third-party. He works directly with the Chief Operating Officer by assisting with daily tasks, managing projects, and keeping our protocols up-to-date. Tyler also assists with answering to client questions.

Interesting Fact #1Tyler considers himself to be an expert on all things ‘Harry Potter’ after reading each novel over 10 times.”
Interesting Fact #2: He has a history in rocket science.

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His

Loren Brooks

Loren is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources, including the support of business needs, ensuring proper implementation of company strategy and objectives, managing recruitment and employee performance tracking, and aids in company direction and growth.

Interesting Fact #1: He loves trying spicy things – his fridge has an entire shelf dedicated to hot sauces, and he makes his own too. 
Interesting Fact #2: He’s an all-around nerd, and will happily talk about movies (especially bad ones!), games (either video games or tabletop), books, comics, or pretty much anything else.

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His


Erica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), who doubles as a therapist and a Clinical Supervisor: managing clinical happenings, coaching, and supporting therapists through monitoring, mentoring, and supervising. She participates in team projects and aids in company direction regarding Clinical growth. She assists with reviewing and revising protocols, and ensuring they are applied company-wide.

Interesting Fact #1: Erica has a pet cat, Scout, to honor her favorite book, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’

Interesting Fact #2: She loves to be connected with nature by gardening and hiking.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Rachel Bunyard, LCPC


Rachel is a Clinical Team Leader and one of many therapists at Elliott Counseling Group. She works with the Clinical Supervisor to provide clinical direction, support, and supervision to therapists, in addition to providing therapy services to clients.

Interesting Fact #1: Rachel makes a phenomenal cheesecake,

Interesting Fact #2: Rachel is a mosquito magnet, She enjoys a good camping trip paired with a canoe ride down the river, and you won’t catch her outside without long sleeves unless it’s at least 85 degrees. 

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers



Audrey is a Clinical Team Leader and also one of many therapists at Elliott Counseling Group. Working closely with the Clinical Supervisor, Audrey provides clinical direction, support, and supervision to therapists, in addition to providing therapy services to clients as well.

Interesting Fact #1: Audrey loves long road trips and thinks Airports are a thing from nightmares. The longest trip she’s done is 16 hrs in one day! 

Interesting Fact # 2: Audrey is a Mac n Cheese enthusiast! If you’re curious about the best places to get this delicacy, she has a running list!  

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Maritza Rodriguez LCSW| Therapists in Champaign IL



Maritza is a Clinical Team Leader and also one of many therapists at Elliott Counseling Group. Working closely with the Clinical Supervisor, Maritza provides clinical direction, support, and supervision to therapists, in addition to providing therapy services to clients as well.


Interesting Fact #1: Maritza has three dogs named after Fire Nation characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Interesting Fact # 2: Maritza enjoys being out in her backyard, reading a good book, and listening to the sounds of the various birds visiting her garden…that is, until they get chased away by her dogs!

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Our Client Care team is available to work with you and find out your unique goals and needs so we can find the right therapist for you. 

It’s okay to not be okay. We are here to help you, no matter your needs.

“After all, we are all Better . . . Together.
Even on the hardest days that you face, you have support to lean on. Sometimes, it takes confidin in someone else to see the light inside ourselves… and that is perfectly okay.
We have over 35 trained therapists who are here to work with you so that you can recognize and process your feelings and thoughts and provide tools to turn those into action. We want to help you realize the empowerment that you already have, within yourself, so that you are able to make the changes you desire most in life.”