When it comes to kids and back-to-school blues, there are ways for dealing with them. Start off by giving them one last “hurrah.”

To help kids bring closure to summer, celebrate in some way. Whether it’s a family vacation, taking them to the movies or even a family BBQ, it’s a positive way to end the summer.

You can even create some family crafts they might enjoy. Or, just spend quality time doing something the kids will love. It will ensure they end their summer on a high note.

You should also start to shift their focus. It’s easy to just say to your kids, “Hey, you have to go back to school,” but try making school sound like a fun adventure.

If you make it sound like a chore, chances are the kids won’t look forward to it. Instead, try to bring up all the positive aspects of school.

Whether they’re reuniting with old friends, making new friends, going on field trips or just studying interesting topics, make sure they know school is a great opportunity to put learning and fun first.


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