How To Have A Successful Therapy Session Online (TeleTherapy)

With the COVID-19 pandemic and need for social distancing, an in-person therapy session is just not possible.

Therapy sessions, by nature, are intimate and require privacy. Having these moments through a device can feel uncomfortable and awkward. However, now more than ever, you may need this support. So, we have put together a list of ways to help you have a successful online therapy session using TeleTherapy (video session).


Therapy is so important, especially when you’re under even more stress and anxiety than usual. This article will be helpful for you no matter if you’ve been regularly seeing a therapist and now it’s been shifted over to TeleTherapy or you’re just starting your therapy journey and the only current solution to therapy is TeleTherapy and you aren’t sure what to expect. Regardless of why you landed here, the fact of the matter is that online therapy (TeleTherapy) is extremely beneficial and will provide you with the support you need while we are under self-quarantine restrictions. Here is a list of things to keep in mind on starting your online or phone therapy sessions.

Where do I look?

You want to look at the screen so you can see your therapist, but wait, you want to make eye contact. We know, it’s challenging. Instead of worrying about it, do what feels most natural and comfortable to you. After a while, you’ll start finding your own rhythm of where to look during particular moments.

Where do I go?

Find a well lit, private area. Your set up doesn’t have to be perfect. Sit somewhere you feel comfortable and a place that doesn’t get a lot of traffic in your house. Bathrooms are naturally a private space. While we wouldn’t recommend settling into a bubble bath during your session, the bathroom floor can be a nice place to set up shop for your session. Try setting your device on the side of the bathtub and bring a few pillows to make it more comfortable. A car or walk-in closet may also be a good spot for you.

What about my kids?

Find distractions for your kiddos. If there are kids in your house you know there’s not exactly private, un-interuppted time. It’s OK to take an hour to recharge yourself while the kids watch a movie, enjoy some games on their tablet, or are napping. Perhaps you’ll need to work with your therapist to find a different time that works better for your sessions. Before the kids wake up, nap time, or after bedtime may be good options.

What if it’s awkward?

Admit it, it might be a little awkward. Chances are your therapist is probably feeling awkward about TeleTherapy too. Don’t worry about it. Acknowledge it’s awkward and work to get through it together. Share a laugh. Soon it’ll be natural.

What if my house is messy?

They don’t care what your house looks like and they aren’t judging you. They’re worried about you, not your toy covered living room.

How do I create privacy?

Privacy is important to feel comfortable during a TeleTherapy session. Try using ear buds and use a sound machine (often used for sleeping) or turn on a radio outside of the room you’re having your session. Don’t be afraid to ask those you share your home with for a little privacy too.

We hope these tips help you with your TeleTherapy session (or help you find the courage to give it a try).

This is a time to surroud yourself with a support system and that may mean it’s using the resource of technology to make it happen. We are holding FREE Online Support Group (COVID-19) and if you’re interested in joining one of our upcoming groups, you can learn more and sign up here.


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