Elliott Counseling Group

Office Manager



This position is responsible for office operations including management of the following departments at all locations:

  • Credentialing/Contracting
  • Billing
  • Client Care
  • Reception
  • IT
  • Maintenance

The Office Manager also supervises ancillary staff and departments. The Office Manager supports the administrative needs of the Business Manager and the Clinical Staff.

The ideal candidate for this position must be dedicated to personal and professional growth in themselves and others, able to work quickly and effectively, enjoy multitasking, and be passionate about leading a team. The Office Manager must be able to problem solve and possess advanced critical thinking skills while incorporating soft skills such as empathy and a positive outlook.

Please note: candidates with medical billing experience may be given first consideration for the position of Office Manager.

Organization Relationship:

This position will report to both the CEO and Business Manager and work closely with the Clinical Director and HR coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities:

I. Department Management

  • Manage the following departments: Credentialing/Contracting, Billing, Client Care, Reception and ancillary office staff. (Noted current exceptions: HR, Accounting, and Business Development.)
  • Have hands-on working knowledge of all positions within departments.
  • Monitor to ensure appropriate levels of staffing within departments.
  • Manages job descriptions, interviewing, hiring, employee reviews and both disciplinary and coaching actions in consultation with HR and Managers.
  • Create schedules for all department employees. Cover office staff positions by completing tasks when there is an intermittent reduction in the workforce due to absences.
  • Execute or oversee the execution of all written procedures and diagrams for these departments. Keep these current and well organized. As well as managing upkeep and development of each departments “Resources Page”.
  • Proactively look for improvements and opportunities for growth, efficiency and betterment in workflow systems, practices, and procedures. Provide a weekly summary of new opportunities or improvements within systems in reporting departments.
  • Facilitate regular department meetings and participate in facilitation of weekly SCRUM meeting.
  • Make self available for “call-in” from administrative and clinical staff and monitor time off requests, weekly time reports, UPTO/PTO etc.
  • Ensure that all employees follow the guidelines in the employee handbook, meet expected levels of productivity, participate as willing team members.

II. Organizational Management:

  • Manage external and internal inquiries from clinical staff, admin staff, clients or vendors and then triage them to appropriate department through monitoring the “staff@ecgstaff.com” account as well as telephone calls, incoming mail and in-person inquiries. This includes ensuring medical records, letters, forms, etc… are managed appropriately.
  • Design and execute reports using various software including but not limited to Valant and Smartsheet and Infusionsoft to support the decisions and procedures detailed. This includes but is not limited to monthly Key Indicators, Retention Reports, Client Care Success Rates, Billing Productively and Billing Accuracy, etc.
  • Ensure the best possible outcome of fiscal concerns through understanding payer arrangements and contracts, internal and external billing systems, client needs, and business development goals.
  • Proactively look for improvements and opportunities with regard to payer contracts.
  • Participate in the planning of and attend all company events (Parties, meetings and also trainings when requested.)
  • Through Client Care in coordination with the Clinical Director and HR-- manage the details of the transition of new therapists with consideration of contracts, agreements, hours, client availability for best outcomes.
  • Through Client Care in coordination with the Clinical Director and HR manage the details of the transition of therapists exiting the practice, including facilitating the transfers and all other coordination.

III. IT responsibilities:

  • Oversee IT for all locations. Including interface with contractors, sourcing equipment; technology setup, troubleshooting technical situations for computer, phone, internet, and software issues.
  • Make software updates/changes as directed.

IV. Office Space and Supplies:

  • Ensure that each office space is functioning at the highest level and monitor and request any needed supplies for assistance.
  • Create, update and (as necessary) implement emergency plans for each location
  • Monitor incident reports

V. Project Management:

  • Contribute to various projects as needed to ensure the growth of the company.
  • Attend the weekly Project Management meetings and contribute as assigned.
  • Monitor and update the Projects and Tasks sheet.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

VI. Team Building/ Leadership/ Growth

  • Must be able to willingly and proactively learn and grow in order to stay engaged with best practices and personal development regarding leadership skills.
  • Solve employee issues and guide staff with a leadership style of personal caring and radical candor.
  • Understand and apply the ideals of “The Collaborative Way”
  • Engage with management team in personal growth opportunities.

VII. Knowledge/Skills

  •  Employee / Team management and motivation
  •  Customer Service
  • Medical Billing
  • Experience with calendaring systems
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • General knowledge of computer systems and software
  • Specific knowledge of Valant and Smartsheet
  • Knowledgeable of HIPAA regulations
  • Exceptional organizational skills


  • This position requires independent judgement, flexibility, initiative, and the ability to handle multiple tasks, deadlines, and frequent interruptions. Additionally, requires the ability to perform work-related errands, and lift up to 50 Ibs.


  • This position requires continued interaction with the Business Manager, clients, counselors, and outside vendors. As well as collaboration with other members of the Leadership Team.

Working Environment

  • Work is performed in a high-volume office setting with other employees that require the ability to function while dealing with interruptions and distractions to meet the many day-to-day deadlines.


  • Most work will occur in a typical 8-5 setting. Team member must also be available for all company sponsored events (including prep and tear down). This position will require team member to be available for study, learning, and training events. Team member must be willing to study assignments (books, podcasts, etc.) for management team growth discussions.