Elliott Counseling Group

Vicky Welge is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master of Social Work from Eastern Illinois University. Vicky has been in the social work and counseling field for over two decades, with experience ranging from correction programs, to teenagers experiencing pregnancy and teenage parents, to drug and alcohol abuse and addictions, to sexual assault victims. Along with her social work education, Vicky has a teaching background and has worked in a student success center for many years. Other areas of experience include:

  • Perinatal depression and postpartum
  • Family systems
  • Crisis work
  • Grief issues centered around pregnancy
  • Post abortion counseling
  • Attachment disorders and issues with infants and children
  • Couples with kids Counseling
  • Identity and development work

Vicky's approach uses Motivational Interviewing and positive, unconditional regard. She works with each client individually, creating an "organic" approach that is most appropriate for specific needs. She channels a fun-hearted, humoristic approach to normalize any stigmas with the therapy process, and also values cultural competency.