Elliott Counseling Group

Mimi Webster is a graduate with a Masters in Social Work, graduating from the University of Illinois. She has previous experience working at the UIUC Faculty Staff Assistance Program as a counselor, where she provided assessments, short-term counseling, and case management services. Mimi has experience working with individuals with trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders, and addiction. She has a true niche for couples counseling, and enjoys working with couples on whatever issues they bring to the session. Mimi also provides services to those seeking counseling for end-of-life and/or grief counseling.

Mimi uses the Imago therapy approach for couples counseling, which often times takes into account the influence previous stages and experiences of life have on a relationship- intimate or romantic relationships, friendships, other relationships, etc. She also has a wealth of knowledge and experience using Gestalt theory/approach in sessions.

Interesting Fact #1: Mimi finds, and thoroughly enjoys, dancing and finds the movement to be therapeutic.
Interesting Fact #2: She has traveled to five out of the seven continents... only two more to go!