Elliott Counseling Group

Carmen Ramirez, is a resident of the state of California, and is a therapist with Elliott Counseling Group via Telehealth. Her license is through California, she is actively pursuing and in the last steps of obtaining her Illinois license. Her schooling took place in Illinois, where she attended Northwestern University for graduate school, and earned her Bachelor's Degree from Eastern Illinois University. Her professional experience started as an intern in an outpatient therapy setting, and has been in the behavioral health services since. Her specialty lies within the chronic illness and pain realm, where her true passion lies. Carmen has built a program that channels each person's strength and encourages clients to move out of the negativity and shame that is so often felt, and build steps towards skills, techniques, and a positive outlook. She also sees clients ages 16+, individuals who have experienced or are experiencing traumatic life events.

Carmen utilizes Psychodynamic psychotherapy, which is positive and strength-based. She meets with clients one-on-one through a Telehealth app, where they are able to enjoy the comfort of a private therapy room with staff on deck to help with any technical difficulties or questions.

Interesting Fact #1: Some of Carmen's "guilty pleasures" are Netflix, chocolate, and gaming.
Interesting Fact #2: She is an advocate for rescue animals, and has 3 cats of her own: Poof, Floof, and Carol