Elliott Counseling Group

Emma Lorimor graduated from The State University of New Jersey, with an Illinois License in Social Work. In her previous work, Emma was a case worker at an institution called Family Core, which really was the start in her social work. To further her work with children, Emma left her case-work job and became a teacher for nearly three years. She also has experience working at Head-Start, where she was a social work intern and Mental Health Specialist. Because of this work in educational platforms, Emma is well equipped to work with children and adolescents, but also sees adults. She specializes in working with individuals who have been affected by foster care or adoption and have concerns with attachment issues, transplant issues, coping and adjustment issues, and family systems. Further, Emma sees clients from the children to adult ages who are facing anxiety, depression, and addiction issues, as well as couples.

In her practice, Emma utilizes Dialectical Behavior Therapy with most clients; she is also trained and experienced in Play Therapy for children and adolescents, and has interest in expanding her skill to Theraplay (Play Therapy over a Telehealth/internet session).

Interesting Fact #1: Emma loves to travel and see new places, and particularly loved her most recent trip to Ireland!

Interesting Fact #2: In her free time, she likes to play Candy Crush and has admitted to have achieved "embarrassingly" high levels.