Elliott Counseling Group

Analise Atchison is a Licensed Social Worker with a full repertoire of experience in rape advocacy, where she has previously worked in sexual assault organizations/clinics. Most of her experience lies with working with individuals who have gone through sexual trauma and women's violence. Her areas of special interest include working with youth to establish healthy boundaries, consensual relationships, and with members who identify as LGBTQ. Analise also enjoys working with children, teens, college students, and adults on a variety of issues, from anxiety, to depression, to trauma victims, and more. 

Analise utilizes a Client Centered approach to therapy. and incorporates mindfulness into her sessions. 

Interesting Fact #1: Analise loves all things artistic and creative! She can draw, embroider, knit, crochet, carve, sculpt, and paint, and is always looking to teach herself a new craft. Her favorite medium is watercolor painting. 
Interesting Fact #2: I have a chihuahua/dachshund mix named Dobby, after Dobby the elf in Harry Potter.