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Back to School Blues
By: Jolie Carsten, LCSW and Marilee Johnson, LPC

As the school year begins, both children and parents may began to feel a little blue. Feelings of being tired and confused mixed with implementing a new routine and anxiety from new friends, new responsibilities and new homework tend to get cause the back to school blues with children. Parents also feel all these same emotions which the children often absorb from their parents and it trickles down. 

Ways to deal with the Back to School Blues Chaos
As the new school year begins there are ways to deal with the chaos. 

1. Write down a morning and afternoon routine
2. Establish an "inbox" for parents--all the papers that need signed and any important papers for parents can go to one place
3. Keep a calendar
4. Set up an area to store school supplies
5. Provide a quite place for homework

Back to School Blues

Transitions are are rough and a feeling of sadness as well as contradicting happiness is normal. When the feeling of sadness begins to intensify and seems to be out of control then it may be time to seek some outside help. 

Responding to the Back to School Blues

1. Validate your child's feelings
2. Acknowledge your feelings, model your health expressions
3. Find and do things that you enjoy and find fun
4. Practice Mindfulness
5. If the blues continues, seek help. 

Biggest Complaints from Parents

Many parents complain that their children are over scheduled and in constant activities and movement which can cause stress among both the parents and children. It is good for everyone to have a little break and to be allowed time to relax and work on self-care.