Elliott Counseling Group

Sharon DeCelle holds a Masters of Science in Clinical Counseling from Eastern Illinois University and has twenty-five years of clinical experience as a physical therapist. Her past experience as a physical therapist gives her useful insight into the myriad stressors that go along with dealing with a serious or chronic medical condition or injury, chronic pain, trauma, bereavement, grief/loss, difficult transitions and caregiver stress.Sharon believes that, “life, at times, can be very challenging. We all could use as much help as we can get during those times.”

Sharon is very interested in how the mind and body influence each other.  Her approach has been described as relational, existential and insight-oriented.

Interesting Fact #1: Sharon has been a practitioner of Tai Chi and of meditation for decades, and an avid social dancer for many years.

Interesting Fact #2: In addition to being a physical therapist, she is a Feldenkrais teacher and an Alexander teacher.

Interesting Fact #3: Sharon is also a cancer survivor – which is its own on-going graduate program in coping skills, self-care and resilience.