Elliott Counseling Group

Brandy Kruse is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Ball State University. Brandy has experience working with children, adults, and families in a variety of contexts including the child welfare system, adoption and guardianship preservation, crisis and in a residential treatment facility for youth. She enjoys working with youth and their families to reduce the number and severity of presenting issues, improve functioning at home, at school, or socially, and to strengthen the family unit.

Brandy has years of experience treating: trauma, including abuse and neglect; behavioral issues; ADHD; emotional disturbances; PTSD and other anxiety disorders; mood disorders; family conflicts; parenting difficulties; ODD; relational problems; loss; and personality disorders. She has experience working with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. She has also facilitated groups about trauma-informed parenting, adaptation to separation or divorce, surviving sexual abuse, creating and maintaining whole health plans, and stress management.

Interesting fact #1: Brandy's interest in treating youth and their families, particularly traumatized youth, began when she was an intern. Now, working with youth and their families is an area of specialty for her.

Interesting fact #2: Brandy journeyed alongside her husband, who lost his battle with cancer. From this, she has learned many lessons, not the least of which is coping appropriately in the midst of adversity, being present and mindful in each moment, and the necessity of self-care.  

Interesting fact #3: Brandy enjoys spending time outdoors with her beloved Australian Shepherd, Sasha.