Elliott Counseling Group

Colleen Aziz is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a Master of Arts degree in Human Development Counseling from the University of Illinois Springfield. She specializes in working with people experiencing anxiety, depression, substance abuse, career issues, relationship problems, and spiritual or life meaning struggles.

Colleen utilizes a holistic, strengths-based approach to counseling that assists clients in developing their lives into their own version of wellness and wholeness. Colleen often encourages clients to investigate the meanings they create in their lives with their thoughts, words and actions, and she helps the client create and practice different, healthier ways of being in the world. The greatest compliment Colleen ever received was that she was "the human embodiment of a cup of tea." She brings that same sense of calmness and peace into her work with each client.

Interesting fact #1: Colleen has extensive experience working with immigrants and religious minorities, and can provide culturally-competent mental health care to people in these populations.

Interesting fact #2: Colleen has training in the effects of nutrition on mental health, and her other areas of interest include yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.